When I Was Young

from by Shin Shin Mem

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Torah 123 - The fundamental main thing that's everything, you is to connect yourself to the righteous one of your time, and to receive his word on whatever he says, and not to turn from his words to left or right.
Torah 68 [second section] - The main wholeness of the Tzaddik is when he could be above and below, that he could show to ever is high that they're not, and to whoever is low that they're actually close, and this ability he must have and if not he is not righteous at all.
Torah 19 [second section] - The main point is to serve G-d with complete sincerity with no complexity at all, and not to care about your own honor, only if there's honor of G-d you do it and if not, not.
When I was young wanted redemption and life goes on and on, and Rebbe Nachman's song is what I live on and on and on. When I was young wanted redemption now life goes on and on, and Rebbe Nachman's song is what I live on and on.
Torah 67 [second section] - And when this Tzaddik becomes revealed and famous in the world that's the aspect of a name; and in this name of the true Tzaddik is enclothed and partners the Name of G-d, Because "His" Name is partners with our name; we find when the name of the Tzaddik grows the Name of G-d grows and all the more so that the Tzaddik's name grows, G-d's Name grows, so to speak, because "His" Name is partners with our name as we said.
Torah 155 - And every man has to ask of G-d that he'll have the want and the yearning for the land of G-d, and that righteous will have the yearning too.
נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן


from Shirei Moharan Vol. 1, released September 21, 2014



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Shin Shin Mem Monsey, New York

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